Research Grants & Funding


Co-Chief investigator. Bristol Future Quest: Evaluation of body image interventions in a comprehensive program to increase the number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in higher education. National Collaborative Outreach Programme, Higher Education Funding Council for England. Diedrichs, P.C.  & Atkinson, M.J., 04/17-03/19. £150,000

Chief Investigator. Improving the body image of girls globally: The Dove Self-Esteem Project and Centre for Appearance Research Partnership (Year 5). Dove Self-Esteem Project, Unilever. Diedrichs, P.C. & Lewis-Smith, H. 07/18-08/19. £286,040

Co-investigator. Development and acceptability testing of a novel mindfulness-based universal eating disorder prevention programme for elementary schools. American Psychological Foundation’s 2017 John and Polly Sparks Foundation Early Career Grant. ($16,956 USD). Atkinson, M.J., & Diedrichs, P.C. 08/17-12/18. £13,500


Co-Chief Investigator. A global dissemination and implementation study to evaluate the World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ ‘Free Being Me’ body image program. World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Diedrichs, P.C., & Stice, E. 04/15 - 07/17. £92,766

Chief Investigator. Evaluation of teacher and online body confidence resources for girls (Academic Business Partnership Years 1-4). Dove Self-Esteem Project, Unilever. Diedrichs, P.C. 01/14-03/1. £855,868

Co-investigator. Evaluating the acceptability and feasibility of delivering a body image and eating disorder prevention program in secondary schools. Bristol Health Partners Eating Disorders Health Integration Team. Halliwell, E., & Diedrichs, P.C. 05/16-07/17. £18,600

Co-investigator. Evaluating the feasibility of delivering a dissonance-based body image and eating disorder prevention program in secondary schools. Gloucestershire County Council and Clinical Commissioning Group. Halliwell, E. & Diedrichs, P.C. 09/16-07/17. £27,000

Co-investigator. Improving the scalability and impact of body image interventions: Developing and piloting innovative mindfulness interventions in school and online settings. University of the West of England. Atkinson, M.J. & Diedrichs, P.C.  05/16-07/17. £24,647

Co-investigator. Exploring the feasibility of a body image intervention for women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. University of the West of England. Lewis-Smith, H., Harcourt, D., & Diedrichs, P.C.  10/16-07/17. £24,923

Co-investigator. COST Action Network: Appearance Matters: Tackling the physical and psychosocial consequences of appearance dissatisfaction. European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Rumsey, N., Persson, M., Diedrichs, P.C., & Yager, Z. 05/13-04/17. £650,000

Chief Investigator. Building the economic case for body confidence: A rapid evidence review. Government Equalities Office. Diedrichs P.C., Halliwell, E., & Orbach, S. 02/14-03/14. £8,000

Chief Investigator. A longitudinal study of predictors of male body image concerns. The Succeed Foundation, Diedrichs, P.C., & Halliwell, E., 08/10-12/13. £16,900

University Research Consultancy. Evaluation and Dissemination of The Succeed Body Image Programme in British Universities. The Succeed Foundation. Diedrichs, P.C., 10/10-07/13. £24,500

University Research Consultancy. Prevalence and influences on adolescent girls’ body image: A literature Review. Dove Self Esteem Project, Unilever. Diedrichs P.C. & Rumsey, N., 07/12-09/12. £19,281

Co-investigator. Using interactive technologies in science centres to challenge appearance stereotypes, British Psychological Society, Harcourt, D., Halliwell, E., & Diedrichs, P.C., 03/11-08/12. £6,400

Co-investigator. Challenging appearance stereotypes through public engagement and knowledge exchange, University of the West of England. Harcourt, D., Halliwell, E., & Diedrichs, P.C. 03/11-08/12. £10,000

Chief Investigator. A cross-sectional study of male body talk. Central YMCA. Diedrichs P.C., 10/11-04/12. £4,000

Co-investigator. Ageing Bodies: Exploring associations between appearance and health behaviours, University of the West of England, Harcourt, D., Diedrichs P.C., Williamson, H., & Christopher, G., 07/11-12/11. £6,850

Co-investigator. The impact of body image concerns on physical and psychosocial health in educational settings: Developing a European agenda for research, European Science Foundation, Rumsey, N., Persson, M., Diedrichs, P.C., 04/11-07/11. £10,574