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Phillippa works internationally with businesses, agencies, organisations, and governments on research, strategy, communications, campaigns, and advocacy about body image, appearance diversity, purpose-driven initiatives, and evidence-based practice.

Uniquely skilled in communicating scientific research in actionable and accessible terms, Phillippa brings 12 years of experience and insights from psychology, behaviour change, and evidence-based practice to drive social change and measurable benefits for business and society.

It is rare to find an academic partner with not only the ability to give detailed guidance on the field of research but also see the bigger strategic picture (including the implications for other aspects of a project or campaign with multiple work-streams), AND to see the points of view from multiple stakeholders. Phillippa has this ability in abundance.
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emotionally intelligent cartoons

Research shows that children’s media can be a powerful source of influence on young viewers’ emotional intelligence, creating more positive attitudes towards their themselves and others. 

In 2018, Dove announced a partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe to tackle low body confidence and self-esteem issues in young people through animation and song. This revolutionary partnership will come to life in a series of six cartoon short films, a music video, and an e-book , directed by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. A global pop culture phenomenon, the show is recognised for its overall themes of inclusivity, empathy and relatability.

Phillippa worked with the Cartoon Network and Dove teams to carefully co-create the content, ground it in scientific evidence, and situate it within a public health framework of health promotion, to make a meaningful impact on young people's self-esteem and body confidence. She also joined panel discussions to discuss this project at the 2018 Cannes Lions and Comic Con in San Diego.


The World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the largest youth organisation for girls in the world. In collaboration with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, WAGGGS, and the Body Project Collaborative, Phillippa co-created an evidence-based non-formal education badge program, Free Being Me. The program is designed to improve body image among girls aged 7-14 by encouraging them to speak out against restrictive appearance ideals.

Loved by girls and leaders for its relevance, fun approach, and strong social impact, the program has gone viral, reaching over 3.5 million young people in 139 countries.

Free Being Me has been presented at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York annually since 2015.




Appointed by the Mayor of London, Phillippa sits on Transport for London's Advertising Steering Group. Transport for London's advertising estate is worth £142.1m annually. Millions of passenger journeys take place across TfL's network every day, with advertising displayed on the Tube, trains, trams and buses, as well as roadside estate.

TfL's Advertising Steering Group provides advice on implementing their advertising policy. Phillippa advises on increasing appearance diversity in advertising and the implementation of a new body image policy.



Every day, dermatologists see patients who experience appearance-related anxiety from conditions like acne. Often teens seek counsel from Dr Google, where it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Recognising that digital content is a primary way to reach young patients, Phillippa and Dr Heidi Williamson teamed up with the Women's Dermatologic Society and the Dove Self-Esteem Project to bring a credible source of information to acne patients – a series of videos called Confidence Talks.

The videos provide teens with tools and tips for improving self-esteem and are supplemented by a toolkit for dermatologists on how to manage conversations about body image with their patients.



Invited by then Minister for Women and Equalities, Jo Swinson, Phillipppa served on the British Government's body confidence campaign advisory group, providing counsel on the prevalence, nature, and consequences of body image concerns among the British public. She translated knowledge from the scientific evidence-base on body image and gender equality into government action and policy initiatives. 

Phillippa was also commissioned by the Equalities Office to co-author a research report with Susie Orbach and Dr Emma Halliwell on the impact of body image concerns on women's and girls' workplace and educational aspirations and achievement. The report was published in 2014 and received international media attention.

She also co-convened the first British government academic body image round table with then Minister for Women and Equalities, Jo Swinson.


Government body confidence academic roundtable

Costing the invisible: A review of the evidence examining the links between body image, aspirations, education and workplace confidence



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Phillippa consulted on the research design of an Edelman-led global study commissioned by Dove that investigated the status of body confidence among 5,165 girls aged 10 to 17 in India, USA, UK, Brazil, China, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Germany, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia.

She integrated academically validated scales into the research design,  which ensured a level of understanding which was unprecedented and new to the industry. Phillippa also wrote a foreword and conclusion for the report. She participated in press and advocacy during the launch of the findings around the UN's International Day of the Girl in 2017.

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Dove is Unilever's largest personal care brand. As a consultant to the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the brand's social mission, Phillippa provides strategic guidance on evidence-based practice and research and consultancy services to inform the co-creation, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based body image knowledge, education programs and campaigns that are delivered through Dove's partners in 145 countries.

Since 2004, Dove have reached 30 million young people with their self-esteem education tools.